Hill-Phoenix has been what it described as “aggressively expanding” its sales and service dealers in order to provide “turnkey services to customers.”

In a statement made at the time of the most recent Food Marketing Institute Expo, the manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products had more than doubled its network of dealers.

The statement noted that prior to May 2009, Hill-Phoenix had 20 dealer partners. In May last year, the company acquired Tyler Refrigeration and began “adding many dealers previously affiliated with Tyler and expanding domestic and international coverage. The company evaluated both networks and recognized its own to rapidly expand, re-signing existing dealers and executing agreements with new partners.”

Said Dave Tuttle, vice president of Hill-Phoenix Dealer Group, “In the last year, we signed contracts with 47 domestic dealers in 68 locations around the U.S. and Canada, as well as four internationally. We’ve completely revamped our network to ensure we have wide coverage of North America and a turnkey package for our large chain retail customers as well as independents.”

Beyond the 47 in the United States, there were at the time of the press announcement on May 10, four in Canada and four internationally covering Southeast Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. It was reported that the company was in negotiations to expand in Asia and into South Africa.

“Through our network of dealers and factory-owned branches, we now have about 1,800 service people covering North America,” said Tuttle. “These representatives support Hill-Phoenix’s equipment efforts nationally - through direct and indirect sales, installation, and service support.”

The announcement said long-term plans call for increasing dealer sales “to provide even greater support to service departments, including handling warranty issues quickly.

“The company is also enhancing its service parts department to ensure all parts are delivered on time and in the most efficient manner possible.”

For more information, contact Dave Tuttle at dave.tuttle@hillphoenix.com.

Publication date:09/06/2010