The Coleman® Comforteer™ TCGD Series air conditioners with MicroChannel coil technology uses all-aluminum fin construction. The coil construction creates a heat exchange surface that allows a smaller unit to provide 13 SEER performance in less space, states the manufacturer. According to the company, a 7,000-hour salt-spray test proves outstanding corrosion resistance. Available in eight models, the air conditioners feature a new chassis and compact design. The smallest of the units measures 24 inches (height) by 23-1/2 inches (width) by 23-1/2 inches (depth) and weighs 96 pounds. Features include a permanently lubricated fan motor, high-pressure relief valve, and solid core filter-drier. The air conditioning units use R-22 refrigerant.

Johnson Controls Co., Attn: Jeff Hurt, Coleman Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;

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