Improvements have been made to the FlexSys™ underfloor air distribution system (UFAD). Enhancements to the systems' advanced terminal, Modular Integrated Terminal (MIT), ensure maximum flexibility and performance for improved comfort levels. The FlexSys MIT units now employ a pulse width modulation valve that automatically adjusts individual terminals, using time-modulation logic and digital accuracy to maintain thermostat set points more closely. The integrated motor uses a timed sequence of fully open or closed positions, based on load, to silently supply cooling or heating to the space. This digital technology also allows the system to react quickly to changes in load or desired comfort levels. Available in two sizes, a new manually adjustable personal comfort diffuser offers consistent air velocity and directional control and is available in round or square configurations. The system operates at a low design pressure of 0.5 inches w.g. and supplies air at 60° to 63°F.

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