RC-Studio® 2.0 is an intuitive BACnet® operator workstation application that allows users to create control programs and interfaces. It is a major update that offers end users a wide array of new and enhanced features to benefit workflow and ease of use, said the company. A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for viewing BACnet Schedule Object and BACnet Calendar Object is included, as well as an enhanced BACnet trend log GUI, incorporating support for the new RC-Archive™. This new GUI allows both archived data and the current controller’s data to be simultaneously displayed in the same interface, creating a seamless presentation between past and present data. Other new features include support for Microsoft Vista, X-Port-2™, MACH-ProCom™, and RC-Archive 2.0; allows universal time synchronization, for systems that span multiple time zones; and support for long file names in the Network Status worksheet.

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