Upgrade 1.06 of RC-Studio® 2.0 has been released. RC-Studio 2.0 is an all-in-one BACnet® operator workstation software used to program and interface to any of the company's products and third-party BACnet devices. Features of update 1.06 include multistage animation, new controller support, BACnet scheduling, and alarm export to Excel. New animation types have been incorporated to encompass the multistate ranges used by MACH-Stat™ and SMART-Sensor™ LCD. All animations are compatible with BACnet multistate points and their associated state text values. Support has been added to accept the programming of the new MACH-Stat and MACH-Stat ND controllers. BACnet Schedules provides advanced scheduling features that allow the user to choose days at any time of the year or days in subsequent years, and create special events that occur repeatedly one day of the week, month, or year. The Current Alarms worksheet can be exported directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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