Compatible with certain Controlair-15 electronics and all base module electronics, the Lifestyle Ventilation Control, part 99-350, makes it possible for homeowners to program the air exchange rates of their heat recovery ventilator or energy recovery ventilator according to their lifestyle. The control programs the ventilator to introduce continuous fresh outdoor air, while exhausting stale indoor air at a desired rate. Homeowners can program four different household activity levels or operational modes, (Wake, Leave, Return, and Sleep) to occur each day of the week. Each of the four operational modes has five speeds: Vent, 20/40 (ventilation for 20 minutes, no ventilation for 40 minutes), 20/40 Recirc (ventilation for 20 minutes, recirculation for 40 minutes), Recirc (continuous recirculation, no fresh air), and Off. The 20/40 Recirc and Recirc modes are not available on all models.

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