The Lifebreath Smart ControlAir-15 digital control designed for operating a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) has two new features. This compact control now has five speeds and four operating modes. The recent addition of a fourth operating mode, ‘20-minutes of ventilation with 40-minutes of recirculation,’ and an ‘auto dehumidistat’ function give more ventilation options. The control comes mounted on the unit, but can be installed in a remote location for the most convenient control. With the control, the HRV will automatically turn off the dehumidistat when it is no longer required. It does so by automatically sensing the outdoor temperature and switching the dehumidistat off when the temperature reaches 59°F (15°C). During the heating season, the HRV will turn on the dehumidistat, increasing ventilation until the house humidity is at a comfortable level. Features include an automatic defrost indicator, on-off and standby switch, and system test indicator.

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