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ADVERTISER: Johnson Controls - York
The New Affinity Air Handler. Seems A Waste To Hide It In A Closet.

Nothing fancy here, really. Then again, as noted, the simpler, the better. The proof is in the pudding, too: 71 percent ofNEWSrespondents remembered seeing the ad for York’s new Affinity™ air handler.

“I believe this advertisement caught the eye ofThe NEWS’readers/contractors because it’s very straight forward and clever,” said Mickey Smith, York brand manager of Unitary Products for Johnson Controls. “This advertisement isn’t too busy, and the headline gets people’s attention.

“Most homeowners don’t want to focus on or draw attention to their air handler because these units tend to be unattractive and unmentioned in the sales process. But, this advertisement plays on the fact that this air handler - a York Affinity air handler - is different, because it’s nice looking, in addition to providing superior comfort and being easy to install and service and is part of a Total Affinity System, not just a component.”

One of the goals of York’s ad was to tell readers what differentiates its products - specifically air handlers - from the competition, said Smith. “The York differentiator is the brand’s design and innovation,” he said.

“York products are both attractive and technologically advanced. For example, the York Affinity air handler features a state-of-the-art variable-speed blower featuring ClimaTrak™ for customizable regional settings. It also features Rx Technology, which combines IAQ components to help keep contaminants out of the home.”

Smith concluded, “We were very happy to hear that we received this award fromThe NEWSand that the message we wanted to communicate was successful.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006