Viega LLC erected a new headquarters, which was an opportunity to showcase the combined impact of using all its technologies.

While the exterior of the 55,000-square-foot headquarters, which opened in January in Broomfield, Colorado, resembles a pipe fitting, its interior is the real testament to Viega innovation. There is very little steel in the airy three-story building, which is built of cross-laminated timber beams imported from Austria. The exposed ceilings give employees and visitors a clear view of the many uses of Viega’s innovative technology.

Potable water is carried through copper pipes connected with ProPress fittings. The carbon steel fire sprinkler system is joined with MegaPress fittings. Radiant heating and cooling keeps the building comfortable, while a snow melt system keeps the courtyard free of ice and snow. Manifolds ensure the systems operate smoothly and efficiently.

The restrooms feature wall-hung bowls and no exposed tanks, thanks to in-wall carrier systems and Visign style flush plates.

“Our new state-of-the-art headquarters provides a working environment that our colleagues and customers deserve and that highlights our innovative products,” said David Garlow, CEO, Viega LLC. “We look forward to continued growth in our new home.”

The building houses more than 150 employees with plenty of room for more.      

Viega also recently constructed its new Colorado Seminar Center. The seminar center, which opened in April next to Viega’s new headquarters building, is an investment in trade education and empowerment. It supplements Viega’s New Hampshire Seminar Center, which has trained tens of thousands of people since opening in 2006.

The state-of-the-art building includes four classrooms, two workshops, and an Interactive Learning Center, which allows attendees to see, touch, and experience Viega products while learning about their many capabilities. It’s an immersive and content-rich experience unlike any other in the industry. 

Experts lead single- and multi-day classes in everything from radiant system design and fire protection to hydronics and pathogen prevention. Despite being open only since April, it is on track to host more than 2,100 students this year, said Bo DeAngelo, manager of technical training.

“Demand for training has been increasing steadily. This facility will allow us to continue to provide and expand on the training that our industry deserves,” said Dave Garlow.

The 23,000-square-foot building prominently features Viega’s innovative technology. Exposed ceilings provide a clear view of the fire sprinkler system with its MegaPress fittings. Copper lines with ProPress fittings provide the water supply and water flows from the manifolds through carbon steel lines with MegaPress fittings. Radiant heating and cooling keep the building comfortable while snow melt systems keep the sidewalks free of ice and snow during the Colorado winters.

Even the restrooms, with wall-hung bowls, Viega in-wall carriers, and Visign flush plates, are a testament to the space-saving and design possibilities of Viega technology.     

“We believe in giving tradespeople the technology and training they need to become better and more efficient at their jobs,” Garlow said. “We built this center to help them become as successful as they hope to be.”


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