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MELBOURNE, Australia - Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, signed an agreement with major wholesale chain, Actrol, Melbourne, Australia, to sell portions of its HVAC line of service technician tools and products.

Actrol, the largest 100 percent Australian-owned wholesale HVAC and refrigeration distributor, will concentrate initially on Cliplight’s line of refrigeration sealants - Super Seal ACR® for smaller systems 230 to 1,800 Btu; Super Seal HVAC/R® for central air conditioning and other systems between 1.5 to 5 tons; and Super Seal 3 Phase® for commercial and industrial systems over 5 tons.

Actrol will be marketing Super Seal with informative point-of-purchase countertop merchandisers at its 37 branches Australia-wide, its 450-page product catalogue, and branch seminars conducted by Go Distribution via the new Super Seal Training Manual, which is also available free online. “Branch managers are excited because follow-up sales are already occurring and they see a chance to gain customers from other Australian wholesaler competition not currently carrying Super Seal,” said Gary Oborne.

Pictured in the photo above, from left to right, are Paul Appler, director of research and development, Toronto; Adam O’Brien, service technician, O’Brien Refrigeration, Werribee, Australia; Kerryn O’Brien, proprietor, O’Brien Refrigeration; and Linda Appler, director of marketing, Cliplight. Cliplight and its manufacturer’s representative, Go Distribution, Albury, Australia, recently made a distribution agreement with major Australian distributor Actrol and honored O’Brien Refrigeration at Actrol headquarters.

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Publication date:01/29/2007