BALTIMORE - Danfoss has announced an agreement with Procon Inc., a provider of mobile resource management (MRM) technologies and processes.

Under the terms of the agreement, Procon is the exclusive supplier to Danfoss of MRM products that will enable the company to monitor refrigeration temperatures in real-time environments, either stationary or mobile. As a result, Danfoss can provide its customers with temperature data transmission (along with location), alerts for temperature variances, and data analysis for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance, all on a real time-basis.

“We are proud that Danfoss has placed their confidence in us, and we look forward to a rewarding relationship with them,” said Brian Boling, chairman of Procon. “Procon’s MRM technologies and processes have matured and are now able to solve many global mobile management issues. Danfoss has a clear vision of how our solutions can be integrated into their technologies to avoid shrinkage and spoilage and to support international compliance for their customers.”

According to the company, Danfoss is also pleased with the role Procon will play in their business. According to Keith Baughman, delivery group manager of Danfoss’ Food Chain Division, “Danfoss is moving into the next phase of cold-chain compliance solutions for our customers, providing real-time onsite and remote temperature monitoring capabilities. Procon technology positions us to enhance our solutions with cutting-edge technologies that better serve our customers and help us grow our business.”

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Publication date:02/01/2010