At its booth, Amana had on display its new DigiSmart ActivDry PTAC, designed to help with dehumidification. The unit can be wirelessly networked.

DALLAS - If it can be put on wheels, moved around easily, and/or just moved around - period - there will be changes made in the nonducted and portable cooling-heating world. Proof is in walking the aisles of the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, up pops some new portable and/or nonducted offerings from established - as well as new - manufacturers, providers, and distributors of portable and nonducted cooling-heating equipment.

For instance,AdobeAir Inc.( introduced its new MasterCool portable evaporative cooler. Features include sweeping louvers, designed for even cooling; remote controlled, for convenience; timer option, for one to eight hours; and a one-year limited warranty. The company also offers mobile MasterCool commercial models, designed for industrial and commercial uses, including airports, retail space, and warehouses.

In addition to a new minisplit, Haier( featured its new HPRB07XC7, HPR10XC6, and HPRD12XC5 portable coolers. Thanks to auto-evaporation coils, these units can cool the air continuously without the hassle of emptying a water pan, explained marketing manager Lucy Liang.

Koldwave( featured its new air-cooled and water-cooled portable air conditioners. Products come in brushed stainless steel. Models incorporate electronic controls with an infrared remote control. According to national sales manager Jeff Wilson, the controls include built-in safety and diagnostic features “to provide longer product life.”

KwiKool( stressed the fact it has totally redesigned the look and features of its portable cooling systems. According to vice president Michael Renier, Kwikool has made advances that were never thought possible, such as the development of 1.5-ton and 2-ton units in 115 V. Both run on 20-A circuits, he said.

Spot Coolers( noted it now has available for renting or purchasing MovinCool’s CM12, a ceiling-mounted packaged air conditioner introduced by the company in 2006. Cooling capacity is 10,500 Btu, with 115 v and 15 A. It is designed to fit tight ceiling spaces and provide cooling solutions for “most critical hot spots,” said the company.

Also new to Spot Coolers’ offering list is the 5-ton portable, trailer-mounted, air-cooled air conditioners from Transportable. The 5T Model has a heating option, 2,000 cfm airflow evaporator, and can be pushed on wheels.

Temp-Air( featured its Topaz® line of portable air conditioners. According to marketing manager Jessica Mulinix, there are six models, offering from 14,000 to 77,500 Btuh. Each, she said, are designed for portability and convenience and can be set up in minutes.


From the heating side of things,Bananza( said it has a new UHA Series of axial-fan tubular unit heaters.

According to the company, features of the nonducted products, UHA Models 30-125 and UHA Models 150-400, include “reliable ignition with direct-spark ignition burners” and “longer life and less maintenance with optional stainless steel heat exchangers.” It noted that models 30-125 have installation and operation flexibility with rear or top air and flue connections, plus are “ideal for smaller spaces with low profile design.”

Qmark Electric(Marley Engineered Products, an SPX Co.) ( noted it now offers the FRR 10512B Series plug-in radiant heaters. The company said they are designed for supplemental indoor heating in residential and commercial areas, including laundry rooms, workshops, garages, and shipping docks.

In the PTAC (portable terminal air conditioner) arena,Amana( introduced its new DigiSmart™ ActivDry unit.

According to the company, this new unit’s advanced dehumidification technology “helps ensure that room air is comfortably dry.” It is designed for the hotel market. The company said it can be wirelessly networked “for easy, money-saving energy, and maintenance management from a single location.”

Publication date:02/19/2007