ORLANDO, Fla. - Moisture from natural disasters, common leaks, and condensation problems can wreak havoc.MovinCool(www.movincool.com) said it has reconfigured its portable spot coolers to accept sufficient moisture-removal capabilities to quickly respond to an unexpected disaster.

"The MovinCool fast-drying and cooling setup speeds the drying process and spot cools at the same time," said John Doran, manager, heat management department. "It can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a lot of downtime, lost work hours, lost records, and lost data."

According to Doran, all of its models exceed the dehumidification requirements specified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for areas up to 2,500 square feet.

In the fast-drying setup, as the cooling unit pushes cool, dry air into the room, an added duct recycles the warm, dry exhaust air generated by the cooling process into the damp areas of the room where it absorbs moisture and draws it back into the spot cooler where it condenses out, explained Doran.

Bob Green of Spot Coolers shows off the latest Office Pro 18. (Photo by Nelson Moy.)

Some New Additions

Koldwave(www.koldwave.com) said it has found more applications for its industrial and commercial portable cooling units. It noted it had a recent tall order for its Airmaster portable air conditioners for use in automotive centers to keep technicians and service personnel cool and comfortable.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment (www.schaeferfan.com) displayed its new Pro-Kool portable evaporative cooler, which boasts a 1-hp, 42-inch fan. The company said the fan delivers 20 percent more cool air while using less energy. It is designed to take up less floor space than competitive 36-inch models.

Toyotomi USA Inc. (www.toyotomiusa.com) introduced a new portable air conditioner designed to kick out 10,000 Btuh. It has triple filtration power thanks to a pre-filter, a high airflow filtration filter, and a charcoal filter, said the company.

Ambiance Products (www.ambianceproducts.com) said its new mobile air conditioner can kick out 12,000 Btu and can be moved easily from room to room thanks to its built-in casters and handles. The company pointed out that there is no water tank to empty, as condensation is eliminated through the exhaust.

At the booth of Port-A-Cool (www.port-a-cool.com), the company showed off its new 16-inch model portable evaporative cooling units. This direct-drive equipment includes a 1/2-hp unit.

Symphony Comfort Systems Ltd. (www.symphonyaircoolers.com) made its first appearance at the expo, showing off its mobile and portable evaporative air coolers.

Publication date: 02/28/2005