MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Xora, a leading provider of location-based mobile workforce management solutions, has announced IndustrySmart, a new feature that automatically customizes its GPS TimeTrack account settings based on a specific industry such as HVAC. These settings are the result of more than two years of research done by Xora.

IndustrySmart is a patent-pending solution that is now available for 50-plus industries including HVAC. By researching and analyzing industry-specific usage patterns among companies seeing the highest return on their investment, Xora said it is able to take the guesswork out of the setup process and provide optimized account settings for new customers that are in place from the very start.

“IndustrySmart makes it easier for companies to start using GPS TimeTrack, but more importantly, IndustrySmart increases the value of GPS TimeTrack by leveraging all the research that Xora has performed into how companies in specific industries are getting the most from our application,” said Sanjay Shirole, Xora co-founder, president, and CEO. “IndustrySmart provides our customers with a significant running start and makes it easier for them to access the full power of the GPS TimeTrack application.”

When setting up an account with Xora, the customer simply selects the appropriate industry and the resulting customization is done automatically via IndustrySmart. For example, if the customer selects HVAC, IndustrySmart automatically customizes the account so that the phone captures job information specific to HVAC use. The customer can further customize GPS TimeTrack as needed.

Xora’s mobile workforce management applications enable businesses to track and manage field staff via GPS-enabled mobile phones. Mobile workers use the phones to record time sheet and job status information, including when they begin and end shifts and jobs. Office staff can access this information in real-time through Web-based maps and reports. Companies use this information to ensure that workers are paid accurately and customers are billed appropriately. Xora notes that this added visibility helps lead to increased productivity, lower costs, and better customer service.

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Publication date:05/21/2007