The Coolerado Cooler is a residential series of water-fueled, high-efficiency air conditioners featuring the manufacturer’s Heat and Mass Exchanger (HMX). The HMX, the “engine” behind the Coolerado Cooler, uses the thermodynamic Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle). The M-Cycle harnesses the endless supply of atmospheric energy to drive sensible cooling with maximum efficiency, the manufacturer states. The cooling capacity and EER of an HMX application increase along with the temperature outside, a feature that reduces power consumption during peak demand, when power costs the most. According to the manufacturer, an air conditioning system utilizing the HMX can cool homes, office buildings, and industrial spaces for significantly less operating cost than traditional cooling systems while dramatically reducing generating greenhouse gas emissions. The Coolerado Cooler can deliver up to 6 tons of cooling with an electrical consumption of 1,200 W.

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