TROY, Mich. - Delphi Corp. has signed an agreement with Idalex Technologies of Arvada, Colo., to be the world's exclusive manufacturer of heat and mass exchangers (HMX) for cooling air using a recently discovered thermodynamic cycle called the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle). With this action, Delphi expands its strategy of directing its competencies beyond the automotive market.

The Coolerado Cooler is the first product introducing the HMX and the first product Delphi will supply with the technology. The Coolerado Cooler is used in a variety of applications and environments for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

The HMX is the key component in the air conditioner that uses water as the medium for cooling. In addition, the air conditioner does not use a compressor or chemical refrigerants, and the only electricity required is for a fan to move air. According to the company, the HMX works by saturating a working air stream with water that incrementally pulls heat away from both the product and working air streams through unique flow path geometries, resulting in energy-efficient cooling.

Publication date: 03/21/2005