The QwikDetector-HE™ is a furnace heat exchanger carbon monoxide (CO) leak detector. According to the manufacturer, it can potentially save lives by early detection of heat exchanger leaks due to defects caused by corrosion, expansion/contraction cracks, or manufacturer error, all of which can expose home occupants to CO poisoning. The patented formula is designed to penetrate a heat exchanger fissure as small as 24/1,000-inch after only one five-second spray into a drilled 1/8-inch furnace hole. A conventional electronic refrigerant sniffer used at the furnace exhaust point will accurately determine whether the heat exchanger is breached by detecting the QwikDetector-HE’s sensitive ether-based chemical blend. The process requires five minutes of preparation and execution time. Each container provides six applications. The defect finder is designed to be used with all brands of high-efficiency gas-fired condensing furnaces. Originally invented for U.S. Air Force fighter jets, the detector has been redeveloped for the HVAC trade as a 3-ounce aerosolized can with a 4-inch-long nozzle extension and easy-to-follow, 12-step illustrated procedure guide.

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