WASHINGTON, DC — The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) is hosting its 19th Annual Conference in Orlando, FL, Nov. 13-15, 2002. According to the association, the conference sessions will address the financing and accounting pressures facing market providers, the immediate future of deregulation initiatives, and the potential impact of FERC’s proposed Standard Market Design.

“The conference is always a great opportunity for industry participants to network and talk business, and I think it will be an especially important forum this year for people to learn about the impact of all changes in the business environment,” said Terry E. Singe, executive director of NAESCO.

Other conference sessions will focus on selling creative energy solutions to customers with a specific focus on industrial and commercial facilities, breweries, supermarkets, hotels, and resorts. Customers and providers will have the opportunity to share energy management strategies and discuss how investments in demand reduction have improved profitability. The association also says that the conference will feature a half-day review of new energy efficiency technologies and new applications of existing technologies.

“At a time when many companies have questions about the economy and market forces converging on our industry and our customers, the annual conference provides an opportunity for all of us to gather with bankers, accountants, policy makers, and customers to talk about where we have been and where the industry is going,” said John Mahoney, president of CMS Energy Services and NAESCO.

For more information, visit www.naesco.org/conference.htm (website).

Publication date: 08/26/2002