FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — e-Builder, which offers Web-based project management systems for new construction and renovation projects, announced that it has now carved out a niche for itself within the building owner market.

“For some time, we put just as much emphasis on securing the business of groups such as architects and engineers as we did with owners,” said Jonathan Antevy, e-Builder CEO and co-founder. “These demographics remain important to us and make up a significant part of our customer base. However, we have found that owners and developers have more at stake, and the most to gain, from the benefits that our system delivers.”

According to the company, owners of all sizes find value in the efficiencies and cost savings of e-Builder’s systems. Large owners that are using e-Builder include Office Depot, Amgen, and other Fortune 1000 companies that constantly build, renovate, and maintain multiple facilities throughout the world. Many local and regional developers as well as owners with small capital improvement programs are also working with e-Builder. These include local and regional commercial developers, regional homebuilders, and regional businesses with 10 or more facilities.

One developer working with e-Builder is Canada-based Minto, a fully integrated real estate development, construction, and management company. One of Minto’s latest creations is MintoGardens, a Toronto-based luxury rental community. Minto turned to e-Builder for help with the project.

“As a company that has a thirst for innovation, an understanding of the importance of integrity, and a penchant for excellence, we identified the key advantages of using a collaborative project management system for the MintoGardens project,” said Keith Stott, MintoGardens project manager. “Considering the caliber of the MintoGardens project, we believed it would be an ideal opportunity to integrate the e-Builder system, giving us the technological advances not only on the face of the project, but on the backend construction as well.”

The e-Builder system is designed to streamline processes such as site selection, lease negotiation, design, and construction, allowing projects to be completed within, or ahead of schedule. The system serves as a repository for all project information and creates an audit trail of all events that occur during the project. Key personnel are trained to use the system as it applies to their roles in the development process.

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Publication date: 07/28/2003