FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — When the hallowed halls of school buildings need expansion, campus facility managers are turning to Web-based program construction management systems to get the job done. One choice is the Education Development Manager, the system developed by e-Builder. It’s designed for educational institutions and helps control costs, minimize schedule delays, and improve record keeping.

“e-Builder’s Education Development Manager lets facility managers know the status of their program at any given time and alerts them to problems early on, which allows corrections to be made before impacting the schedule and cost,” said Jonathan Antevy, e-Builder CEO and co-founder. “Clear and accurate records are essential in order to address claims and operational issues. e-Builder provides these capabilities and addresses the needs of educational institutions.”

Already in use by K-12 schools and universities, e-Builder’s system is configured specifically to help school systems build and remodel their buildings. “Facility executives have unique issues and we kept that in mind when we created Education Development Manager,” said Antevy. “e-Builder provides an owner-focused program management system that addresses the entire development process, from site selection to design, construction, and operation.”

“e-Builder’s Education Development Manager is an excellent tool for distributing information quickly and holding people accountable,” said Cassandra McKenzie, Northeastern University’s project engineer. Efficient communication and control systems are a key to meeting Northeastern’s tight schedule.

The e-Builder implementation team works with each client to configure the TeamBuilder software that automates the client’s unique development processes, serves as a repository for all project information, and creates an audit trail of all events that occur during the project. Key personnel are then trained to use the system as it applies to their roles in the development process. e-Builder also provides a variety of support and adoption services to maximize the value of the system long-term.

e-Builder’s products are designed specifically for owners, contractors, design professionals, and other participants in the development process. The company’s open architecture supports the integration of systems with desktops and other legacy applications.

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Publication date: 09/09/2002