NASHVILLE, Tenn. - When it comes to industrial refrigeration and especially ammonia refrigeration, a major exposition has developed over the years at the Refrigeration Conference & Trade Show of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR).

This year’s expo in Nashville drew more than 100 exhibitors. Here in alphabetical order by manufacturer is who was there and some of what they were talking about.

ABE(, based in Mexico, said it offers a range of ammonia refrigeration services including engineering, installation, and system startup.

Advantage Refrigeration( featured its ability to design, build, install, supply parts, and perform service.

AFGCO( showed compressed sheet gasket materials, said to be “premium sealing technology for industrial applications.” It comes from Reinz-Dichtungs of Germany.

Airfoil Impellers( had information on its engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of axial air-moving equipment.

Airgas Specialty Products( discussed its delivery services of high purity ammonia, compliance services, and safety record.

Alfa Laval( highlighted the features and benefits of semiwelded plate heat exchangers.

Ammonia Process Safety Management(www.ammonia said it assists in safety and compliance issues at a facility with ammonia refrigeration.

Ammonia Safety & Training Institute( has programs dealing with awareness and operations.

Analytical Technology Inc.( had its UniSens universal two-wire gas transmitter said to handle 28 different gases.

Baltimore Aircoil ( noted cooling towers, evaporative condensers, ice thermal storage systems, and equipment controls.

Bitzer( provided information on a range of products including its line of open drive screw compressors.

Bry-Air( told about its desiccant dehumidification in the meat processing industry.

Camco( showed its mineral oils and synthetic lubricants for refrigeration, food processing, and industrial applications.

Carter Burgess( noted its thermal building envelope - infiltration and vapor barrier - services for refrigerated facilities.

C.A.T.( cited its boiler division as providing 24-hour emergency service, parts supplies, installation, and preventive maintenance.

CavCom( offered ear sets with microphones for use, for example, during a HazMat situation.

Chem-Aqua( provided solutions for water treatment issues related to boilers, cooling systems, and wastewater systems.

Chester-Jensen( featured air agitated ice builders said to “provide low-cost 32°F cooling water by ‘storing’ refrigeration.”

China Refrigeration Expo( had representatives promoting the spring expo in Guangzhou as well as the International Congress of Refrigeration in Beijing in August.

Cimco Refrigeration( exhibited to showcase its design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and service in ammonia refrigeration.

Clearwater Systems Corp.( noted its Dolphin System™, which it said was a chemical-free way to treat process waters of cooling towers, air coolers, etc.

Colmac Coil( noted it manufactures air-cooled condensers, evaporators, air coolers, blast freezers, tube bundles, tower coils, and hydro coolers.

Concepts & Designs, MS( said it offers services in condensation control to prevent shutdown and/or expensive maintenance costs.

Cook Brothers( said it fabricates pipe covering, tank covering, fitting covers, and valve covers.

Cool Air Inc.( showed the Model LBW-50 ammonia leak detector for use with industrial freezers and coolers as well as in production areas and engine rooms.

Curry Controls Co.( discussed its experience and qualifications related to controls technology including the development of algorithms.

Cyrus Shank Co.( featured low-capacity relief valves in both ductile iron body and stainless steel body versions.

Danfoss( featured the ICF, a complete valve station said to be jobsite-ready for industrial applications.

Delta-Tee International Inc.( highlighted a range of heat transfer equipment and noted its custom design services and more than 25 years of experience.

Dow Chemical Co.( had Styrofoam pipe insulation and vapor retarder film and tape for pipes, valves, and fittings.

Draeger Safety( detailed its gas detection systems and cited its 70 years of involvement in the industry.

Extol of Ohio, Inc.( showed its fabricated insulation products including closed cellular insulations, vapor barrier jackets, and high-density pipe supports.

Evapco( discussed water treatment, evaporative condensers, and air systems that it offers customers.

FabricAir( provided dispersion systems featuring a fabric duct design. It noted its Website allows users to download spec sheets.

FES Systems( drew attention to microprocessor-based control technology that it calls Gforce™ for screw compressor packages and systems.

Frick( had information on a number of products including its rotary screw compressor units.

Garden City Ammonia Program( have a range of seminars based in Garden City, Kan. The programs are designed for ammonia refrigeration operators.

GEA( have fully welded plate heat exchangers to go along with its line of gasket and brazed products.

Geneglace( showed flake ice technology using a water circuit pump, double-walled evaporator, and helical reamer.

Guntner U.S. LLC( billed itself as the ‘global leader in heat exchange technology’ and noted its lines of coils, condensers, and coolers.

HCR Inc.( featured its triple air curtain consisting of three air curtains and an air conditioning process.

Hansen Supply Co.( said it creates custom labels as signs, tags, or pipe markers to be used for pipe and valve identification.

Hansen Technologies Corp.( provided information including a study on water contamination and water removal in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

Hermetic( cited its hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps for the refrigeration industry.

Honeywell( described its Manning EC-F9-NH3 ammonia detection technology.

Howden Compressors( has what it said is a large inventory, genuine parts, factory-trained service, and technical support.

Howe( highlighted its mobile and stationary pump-out systems that “simplify compliance with” standards of OSHA and EPA.

Industrial Consultants( billed itself as ‘your compliance connection’ involving OSHA and EPA requirements for training operating and safety personnel.

Industrial Construction & Engineering Co.( noted its sends crews to work on ammonia refrigeration projects and have done more than 80 projects in 10 years.

Industrial Service & Fabricators Inc.( noted it is a manufacturer of ASME-code pressure vessels and tanks in carbon and stainless steel.

Ingersoll Rand( promoted industrial refrigeration solutions for distribution centers, processing facilities, and critical temperature applications.

Innovative Refrigeration Systems Inc.( exhibited to promote its Nov. 6-8 emergency response-training program.

Integrated Circuit Systems( noted it is an authorized global distributor with projects involving industrial refrigeration, defrost control, and process control.

Intralox( noted its line of conveyor belts that can be used in freezing, cooling, and hydrochilling applications.

Isotherm Inc.( had what it said are titanium chillers and condensers for resistance spot welding applications.

J&E Hall( noted it supplies design, manufacturing, installation, and aftersales care of refrigeration and HVAC products.

Jones County Junior College( exhibited to showcase its Career Resource Center that includes an Advanced Technology Center.

KeepRite( highlighted evaporators, condensing units, condensers, and freestanding coils.

King Coils( offered what it called “extreme” coils in such areas as power generating, food processing, and process drying.

Krack( featured a new product, a remote air-cooled condenser with modular design and extruded aluminum microchannel coil technology.

Lanier Technical College(, a college in Oakwood, Ga., had an exhibit to draw attention to its ammonia refrigeration program.

Marking Services( described itself as a company that provides labeling for a variety of industrial refrigeration equipment, including matters related to safety.

M&M Refrigeration( noted that it has downloadable compressor selection software.

Morris & Associates( featured a cutterless Tube-Cube™ icemaker that has touch screen controls.

MTH Pumps( had information on sealless centrifugal refrigeration and absorption pumps.

Mueller Refrigeration Products( included failing film chillers to cool food-grade liquids.

Multi-Wing( featured airfoil, sickle blade, broad paddle, and arc types of fans.

Munters( had among its products Freezaire desiccant dehumidification technology.

Mycom( showed its Thermo Shutter, an air curtain for industrial freezers and coolers.

National Insulation Association( exhibited to encourage the correct use and type of insulation as energy-saving and cost-effective aspects at a jobsite.

NH3 Team Inc.( provided crews for projects involving ammonia recovery and ammonia handling.

Parker( and its Refrigerating Specialties Division showed a range of services including information on hot gas defrost for ammonia evaporators.

Petrochem Insulation Inc.( said it handles mechanical insulation, pad fabrication, heat and steam tracing, and structural fireproofing, among other services.

Phillips Refrigeration( described its line of valves, vessels, systems, and controls for ammonia and halocarbon refrigeration.

Phoenix Air Systems( noted it is a designer-manufacturer of critical process air-handling equipment and related products.

Polyguard Products Inc.( drew attention to its RG-2400® cleaner, a biodegradable product used to lift heavy grease, oil, and preservatives.

Process Compliance Inc.( provides inspection personnel to monitor the on-site fabrication of equipment and the installation process.

PSM Assist( said it offers compliance-related services such as e-mail notifications, task lists, compliance reporting, mobile input, and process accountability.

Quote Software Inc.( provided information on its HVAC and mechanical engineering software.

RAM Industries LLC( noted it had what it called the “E-NH3-ancher” reference guide for variable-speed aspects of compressor applications.

Realcold Milmech( said it provided a low dew point dehumidification system for fully automatic horizontal plate freezers.

Refrigeration Engineers Technicians Association( exhibited to draw attention to its 98th Annual National Convention & Exhibition, Oct. 2-5, in Boise, Idaho.

Refrigeration Systems Co.( noted it provides technical expertise for the construction of refrigerated structures.

Republic Refrigeration( detailed its skills as a design-build and plan and spec industrial refrigeration contractor.

Sondex( is a Danish company that exhibited and showed what it called ‘semi-welded’ plate heat exchangers.

Stellar Interactive Solutions( noted SimPro, a program to train operators and evaluate performance.

Tanner Industries( supplied anhydrous ammonia and aqua ammonia by tank cars, tank trucks, cylinders, and drums.

Teikoku USA Inc.( had information on its sealless and leakproof canned motor pumps.

Tranter( noted its Supermax® all-welded heat exchanger said to require 20-50 percent of the space of equivalent shell and tube exchangers.

UF Ammonia Services Inc.( offered ammonia refrigeration safety programs including Process Safety Management and Risk Management Programs.

Vahterus( showed cascade systems using ammonia and CO2 as well as various plate and shell fully welded heat exchangers.

Vilter( featured VRSH twin-screw compressors, said to have high capacity and horizontal oil separators.

Vogt( featured the TIGAR 3610 ice generator, said to produce a nominal 25 tons per day of 0.25-inch-thick ice.

VRTX™ Technologies( provided information on cooling water management.

Zero-Loc( said it offers services in cold storage warehousing and distribution and featured its insulated panels with expanded polystyrene.

Sidebar: Synergism

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Look up terms like “synergism’ and ‘segue’ in a dictionary and you might see, as an example, what happened at the recent International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration conference.

The four-day conference is one of the premiere places to learn about the latest trends in industrial refrigeration. A long time end user member of IIAR is General Mills Inc.

So on the first full day of the conference, the plenary speaker was John Church, vice president of global engineering for General Mills. He talked about how the company uses ammonia in many of its production facilities and how decisions are made in choosing ammonia or another option.

Then as the conference moved along, General Mills brought in some 50 of its engineers to catch a portion of the conference, especially to visit the exhibit area, which had more than 100 manufacturers and educators showing products and services. Then as the IIAR conference concluded on a Wednesday morning, the General Mills engineers started several days of its own meetings that afternoon.

Publication date:05/14/2007