According to Intellidyne, the Village of Lynbrook, N.Y., installed an energy-consumption-savings product at the Lynbrook public library.

Intellicon® CAC, a commercial A/C economizer, was installed on five of the library’s central air conditioning units, including two 30-ton A/C compressor units. David Smollet, deputy administrator and utilities administrator for the village, predicts a 13-percent to 18-percent annual energy consumption savings.

The village expects to deploy 10 additional IntelliCon energy-savings products on A/C compressors throughout the Village of Lynbrook at its Village Hall, police department, Public Works Building, Greis Park Recreational Center, and fire department headquarters.

In addition, the Village of Lynbrook will present these results to the Nassau County Village Officials Association as an effort to educate other village officials on the benefits of the product.

— by J.J. Siegel

Publication date: 04/07/2003