We’re in the thick of it now. COVID-19 cases are still rising here in the U.S. Eventually, life will be returning to something close to normal. Is your life going to be different? Will dealing with customers be the same or not? Will you ever shake a customer’s hand again? So many questions. Not enough answers.

Here’s what we do know. Americans want to support local businesses more than ever. They want to make sure their world, which includes their community and its businesses, becomes strong again. They want all the local businesses to strive and conquer in this time of rebuilding. It is up to you to help them have something to feel good about. This is a perfect time to give them ways to support their community… give them a way to support you.

We may not be shaking hands again anytime soon but we will continue to help families be healthy, comfortable, and save money.

  • Healthy: we have many indoor air quality products to suggest.
  • Comfortable: zoning, mini-splits, dampers, sealing ducts, and replacement systems.
  • Save money: regular maintenance, sealing ducts, and replacement systems.

Let’s be honest. You visit on average five customers every day. How many of those five have no issues at all? When asked, they tell you no one in their family has respiratory issues, all areas of their home are comfortable, and they are happy with their utility bills and/or repair costs? Right, most people have some issue when asked. The key is asking, but we will get to that soon enough.

The question on the table right now is out of five customers you visit, how many have at least one of these three issues? Let’s say it is two. That means that you have at least two opportunities every day (I bet there are more) that need your help with something other than a precision tune-up or restoring their comfort with a part. We have found that half of the people you offer a solution to will take it. Half of the people you attempt to help will tell you they want what you suggest because it will help their child breathe better, it will kill airborne viruses, it will help them sleep at night, or it will save them money.

So, are you helping your customer? Are you asking simple questions that could change their lives? If not, it may be time for a change. It may be time that you decide that you and your family are worth getting out of your comfort zone and making an effort to help other families be healthy, comfortable, and save money. If you were in their shoes would you want to know if you or your child could breathe better? Would you want to know that you could sleep comfortably and not have to worry that your comfort would result in high utility bills? Would you want to know the difference between that old single-stage system and new two- and multi-stage systems? Of course you would! So do they.

Ask. Just ask three simple questions and be prepared to provide solutions to their concerns. What are these three magical questions? Would you ask them if you knew? Are you willing to get out of that comfort zone and make a difference? Will you have the guts to be different? You know that if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting, right?

  • Question #1: Who in your home suffers from respiratory issues?
  • Question #2: Where in your home is it hard to heat and cool?
  • Question #3 Do you feel you are spending too much money to heat and cool your home?

They are simple questions that you have lots of solutions to. Will you do it? Give your customers the opportunity to support you, your company, and your family. You will be surprised at the response.

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