Take a moment and consider the question — “What does it mean to win the day?”

As owners or operators of companies, you’ve budgeted for your annual goals, and they can have deep emotional meaning for you. But these large numbers can sometimes be hard to grasp for frontline employees because the goals are not relatable on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t mean that your employees don’t care, but it means less to them because they don’t own the whole number.

This is why you must know and communicate your daily goals to your staff. How do you do this? Well, we probably all have a number we need to make every day in order to keep the lights on and the wolf off our back. Does your frontline staff, such as technicians, know your daily goal? Have you adequately helped your team members tie that number back to daily performance? And, are they rallied around achieving that goal?

Your daily goal doesn’t have to be static, and in fact it should not be the same year round. Look at your plan for the year, and look at reality — set your numbers based on the fact that things may have changed in the business in terms of weather, personnel, or outside events. Only then can you define your win.

Make sure your daily goals are attainable but not easy. You don’t want to send the message that your team should go out and plunder. Reputations are earned in years and lost in seconds, so follow a process! You don’t lose weight by setting a goal, you get into shape by following a process. Similarly, you don’t get rich by setting a goal, you get rich by following a consistent method of saving, investing, and fiscal discipline. Help your team understand what the daily processes are, and show them how that results in a win.

Start by looking at the annual budget. Break it down monthly, weekly, and daily. Start by knowing your goal. Then, communicate to your staff and get them motivated to start winning the day!

Publication date: 3/22/2017