Last month, in part one of this two-part blog, we reviewed why building value starts with your customer service representatives (CSRs), and got into some of the how your CSRs can do so. This month we will continue with the how.

One of the best ways to build value for a customer as a CSR is by listening attentively to what the customer is truly concerned with, and having a ready answer to their problem. For example, if a customer is concerned about time, your CSR may explain that your company also cares about their time, as one of life’s most precious commodities. Then, they might explain that this is why your company arrives in fully stocked trucks and ready to do a complete and thorough evaluation, to avoid any revisits that can readily eat away at your day.  Your company also offers emergency services for customers like yourself, because you understand at XYZ company that life happens after 5 p.m.

Knowing a customer’s primal want or need allows a CSR to adequately make sure that they have assured the customer that your company can meet and exceed satisfying this with the use of your services. I always suggest tying the benefit back to the need or want, while explaining to the customer what is in it for them.

We should also teach our CSRs to not only listen attentively for clues to these wants or needs, but also to live changing events or situations that the customer has shared with us. Are you speaking with a customer who just moved to the area? This is a great time to send them a welcome pack, filled with coupons for your company, a magnet, fun facts about the area, and helpful emergency numbers. Did your customer just welcome a new addition to their family, maybe a new puppy or a child? A handwritten greeting card goes a long way and makes customers feel like more than just a dollar sign for you. We have all spoken with the customer who is just lonely; how important would this customer feel if we sent a simple card saying hello on their birthday or holidays?

I always encourage CSRs to create a bond with customers. As part of the HVACR industry, we should pride ourselves on being an experience, not just another expense, when speaking with every one of our customers. True professional CSRs go above and beyond to create a lasting bond, a great impression every time, and deliver services to our customers that enhance their lives or make their days better.

By simply taking these steps you can readily feel the return on your investment from the sheer number of referrals you will receive from these customers. Your employees will also feel better knowing they made a difference in the lives of their customers and brightened someone’s day. Remember, truly serving others is a gift in and of itself. Think of the pride your CSRs will feel when they have the opportunity to be a part of that on a daily basis.