Tom Merriott
Tom Merriott

I am constantly asked for the perfect call center script that contractors can modify to make their own, but the fact these contractors know they’ll want to change it indicates they already know canned scripts won’t work for their business.

The best script for your company is the one your call center team creates in their own voice. People who help build something will embrace and use that tool at an amazing rate. In fact, once you get your team involved in improving the way you do things, watch out! They might have suggestions elsewhere for you to try…but back to the script.

The reason these contractors and maybe even you want at least an outline from someone else is because the thought of creating a script from scratch is intimidating. I’m here to correct that thinking. Grab a piece of paper or open a new file and we will have one done by the time you finish reading this post. Let’s start writing:

• First, greet your callers and identify the name of your company and yourself. Let customers know they called the right number, and that they’re speaking with a human being.

• Next, write or type the word “listen.” The customer is about to tell you about a problem they are having and you need to pay attention.

• Now, write the word “empathize.” They just told you about something that is ruining their day; don’t respond with, “NAME?”

• And here is where you write out your booking procedure. Gather your team, and talk through how to best ask customers for information you need to enter into your system. This might take a minute as you discuss details, but it’s necessary work.

• After the customer information is in the system, talk them through what is going to happen when the technician arrives. Then book the call on your schedule.

• Finally, write the words “Thank you.” The customer has made the incredible decision to call and select you over all the competitors in your market. Thanking them is the correct and necessary response.

There you have it. You can now write your own call center script, and it didn’t take much time at all. Discussing and polishing with your team will take a little time, but once it’s in your team and company voice, you will love the results.

With the time it takes to search for the mythological perfect script, you could write 10 scripts perfect for your company all on your own.