A Stitch In Time

Can someone tell me an effective method of acquiring more service contracts in a struggling economy? Times are tough here, and customers don’t seem to understand the value and importance of routine main-tenance. When the unit breaks down, they hem and haw about expensive repairs/replacements. For my small business, service contracts are vital to my growth. Does anybody have some input on how to convince customers that maintenance is important? Sometimes I feel as if they think that service contracts are just a scam.

Peter Corvinus Owner Corvinus Climate Control Inc. Christiansted, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands

A Job Well Done

I would like to offer my thanks and congratulations to Mr. Leonard for a great presentation (“Using the Superheat Method to Charge A/C Systems,” Aug. 13) of such an important topic. Superheat, as we tell our students, is the most important concept a service technician must understand. Keep up the good work.

Gary B. Xavier Mechanical Trades Division Manager National Technology Transfer, Inc. Englewood, CO

Worth Its Weight In Gold

Howard Leonard’s article [“Charging Air Conditioners With the Superheat Method”] in the Sept. 17 issue of The Newswas outstanding and straight to the point. It was easily understood and without redundant verbiage. Mr. Leonard, you must be a great teacher.

As one who has spent 50 years in this business, including 15 years of teaching in California community colleges, I want to compliment you in selecting this kind of material for publication. It is beneficial to technicians who are seriously pursuing a better understanding of the skills of the trade. This is especially beneficial to those who do not have the luxury of attending expensive and time-consuming seminars, but do have the opportunity of reading The News. As a matter of fact, a year’s subscription to The News is far less expensive than a typical seminar. Please print more of this type of material.

Ralph W. White Credentialed RAC Instructor Danville, CA

Publication date: 10/22/2001