Controlling IAQ

[Editor’s note:This letter is in reference to John R. Hall’s June 17 column, “This Guy Doesn’t Like Forced-Air Systems; What Say You?”]

I would agree that forced-air heating can circulate contaminants, and therefore a wet heat system would be more desirable, especially for those who have respiratory problems such as asthma.

However, if you are going to have air conditioning in your home, you will have forced air for cooling anyway, which would also spread contaminants. So, rather than avoid forced-air heating, I would consider the initial investment and ongoing operating cost to determine the type of system that is best for you. I would then focus on controlling your indoor air quality by means of duct cleaning and proper filtration.

Alan Mintz, “Former” Vice President Corporate Development, Blue Dot Services Inc.

Publication date: 07/08/2002