It’s a new year. And, with every New Year holiday, there’s the inevitable resolutions. I know I’ve made hundreds of resolutions — crazy resolutions I knew I would never accomplish. And, for what? So, the last few years, I’ve decided to take a new approach — I set two to three attainable goals I know I can accomplish that will make me a happier and healthier individual.

So, if the New Year is a time to set goals and become a better you, why not do the same for your company? It’s the perfect opportunity to revamp your business and make it the best it can be.

But where do you begin? Why not have a company meeting, and make note of what your staff thinks can be improved? While you may have an idea of where you want your business to be, your staff may have other ideas you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Write out exactly what you’d like to accomplish this year. I suggest creating five major points of interest.

First, begin with your staff. Training opportunities are always a great place to start — everyone can continuously learn and improve. Go outside of what you usually do, and consider utilizing new training programs to give your staff a fresh intake of new information.

In addition, what about recruiting for your staff? Are you ready to add more technicians? There are numerous recruiting companies out there that specialize in just that. A great option is looking into veteran programs. Many veterans are turning to the trades for their civilian careers. Why not capitalize on this and add these hardworking individuals to your team? Programs such as the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Heroes program (featured on Page 29), for example, trains veterans to become successful HVAC technicians.

And what about those millennials? Younger generations have a youthful, fresh take on things. So, how do you target them? Online. Setup an online recruiting initiative geared toward a millennial audience and diversify your team’s demographic. Use, and post catchy job listings with HVAC tags.

Next, what about new technology — Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices, such as thermostats; IAQ products; mini splits; geothermal heat pumps; etc.? Are your product offerings in line with what people are interested in? I know I’ve spoken to many contractors who would like to offer newer technology but haven’t gotten on board just yet. New products mean new opportunities for sales, and that is always a positive thing. Plus, the products are just that — new, and if you tell a customer something is brand-new, they are more apt to be interested.

Is your marketing plan looking a little long in the tooth? Are you still marketing primarily through print and television ads? Look into the various online marketing opportunities.

Then, take a look at your website. Do you have a distinct logo? Is your company name the same on all of your pages? Is there a theme? These may seem like silly questions, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t take the time to make their website reflective of their company. That is likely the first place a customer will go before giving you a phone call. Give it a fresh look, and ensure that it speaks to your company.

Finally, take a look at your headquarters, and see if it can use a face-lift. Give your employees a reason to take pride in the place they work. If you don’t value your building, it sends the message that you don’t value your business. Cosmetic fixes are usually quite easy, but there never seems like an opportune time. Allow the New Year to be the perfect time to squeeze in a few changes that are reflective of the quality service you offer.

So, forget the statistics on failed New Year’s resolutions. Make your list, make attainable goals, and make 2018 your company’s best year yet!  

Publication date: 1/8/2017

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