In an Oct. 9 editorial by Kyle Gargaro, editorial director for The NEWS, the topic of employee recognition was discussed. The column took an in-depth look into the many different ways of showing your staff members some well-deserved appreciation beyond the closed-door meeting. Some ideas he came up with include utilizing an office brag board, Hall of Fame wall, or company newsletter or e-blast. But, did you know there’s a way to honor your technicians in The NEWS every single month?

Our “Tech of the Month” column is an easy way to give your technicians the recognition they deserve for the exceptional work they do. Staff members, or company owners, simply fill out an online form (found at the end of this editorial), submit a photo of the technician, and express why this individual is a superstar.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? You would think so, but I don’t think nearly enough of our readers are aware of this ongoing, monthly column that is free.

Recently, a coworker attended a conference in Florida. After attending a session on how to build relationships with people in the smartphone era, she was speaking with contractors on the subject. That is when she brought up our “Tech of the Month” column and was shocked to learn that many of them had no idea about it but were eager to submit their technicians when they returned home. They especially loved the idea of honoring and featuring those who go above and beyond for their company every day, so she shared with them how easy the process is and told them to email me with their stories.

I love receiving these submissions. They shine a light on the talented and kind individuals that make our industry proud. I have heard tales such as technicians saving grandmas from burning buildings to providing free services for those having financial difficulties. Would I have heard about them otherwise if not for “Tech of the Month?” No. But don’t they deserve recognition for going beyond the call of duty? Certainly!

I would say approximately 90 percent of the time, when I contact the honoree, he or she is overjoyed and shocked to have been selected. Why? Because far too often, we are used to hearing about the negative rather than the positive. It’s something that has unfortunately been ingrained in our culture.

Growing up, my mom always reminded me of the importance of sharing the good as much as you would the bad, and she still does to this day. For example, we’ll be at a restaurant, and if we have exceptional service, she’ll ask to see the server’s manager. You can see the look of panic come over their faces each and every time as they nervously shuffle for their superior, awaiting the backlash; however, that panic quickly turns to joy when they hear my mom raving about what a fantastic job they did.

“People don’t hear the good enough,” she always says. “Everyone is so quick to share when things go bad, but, for some reason, they aren’t so generous to tell you when things go good.”

So, with this in mind, ask yourself two questions: Are you giving out enough good with the bad, and are your techs receiving the credit they deserve? If not, consider submitting your technician to be featured in The NEWS’ “Tech of the Month” column.

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