Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Train and Nurture the Millenials” letter from one of our readers, published Oct. 27 in The NEWS.

Give Students a Chance

As an instructor who teaches 11th and 12th grade students in HVACR during the school year and adults during the evening, I found it hard to place the high school students during their senior year because HVAC companies want to hire someone they can put into a truck right away. The companies want instant rewards from their new hires and are not willing to train the students. The students can be put on job placement during their senior years in the afternoon, after they take part in academics throughout the morning. During orientation, at the beginning of their junior years, I tell the students and their parents that students have to earn the right for job placement. They have to show me during the school year they are mature enough, get good grades in both my class and other classes, pass a drug test, and have a good attendance record their junior and senior years to be considered for job placement. I will not send them out if I would not hire them myself. I have taken some students with me when I do an install to see how they act in a customer’s home. Again, they have to earn the right to go with me. If while on job placement the student’s grades fall below a C average, then the student gets pulled back into school until his or her grades improve. If a student gets let go from the job because of poor job performance, or any other reason other than no work, the student gets a failing grade for the semester and no longer can be placed in another job the rest of his or her time in school. I have some fantastic students who will make great service technicians if some company will give them a chance. What a great way for a company to try out a student part time during the school year. When the student graduates, he or she will make a great full-time employee and will certainly start making money for the company. So, if a company is looking for some good help, its leaders should contact a local vocational school and find an ideal student. Again, I am very strict on whom I send out, and some students never get placed. I do not send students out just to get them out of my class.

Steve Kshywonis
HVACR instructor
Portage Lakes Career Center
Uniontown, Ohio

Publication date: 12/1/2014 

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