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Dave Knight
Dave Knight

Dave Knight and a crew of Thornton and Grooms techs visited The NEWS’ managing editor Herb Woerpel’s home to install a new Wi-Fi thermostat. During the installation, he stopped to talk about how technicians can help homeowners select the best thermostat for their heating and cooling needs.

Q: What are you accomplishing today at Herb’s house?

A: The thermostat he had was pretty basic, but the thermostat is the focal point of the heating and cooling system. It controls the comfort and is what most people see. in talking to Herb, he stated that he wanted his thermostat to match the sophistication of his two-stage, variable-speed furnace. In addition, he’d like to have Wi-Fi controls to have some flexibility with the schedule that he keeps.

Q: Are you finding high-end thermostats are the new norm?

A: We’re finding that the majority of our customers put in a programmable thermostat. There is a great amount of awareness as to the cost and energy savings these units provide. The Nest has helped increase awareness of the Wi-Fi model, as most people have a Wi-Fi network in their homes and like the ability to turn their temperature up or down from afar or get alerts when something goes wrong.

Dave Knight
Co-owner, Thornton and Grooms, Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Publication date: 8/25/2014