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Rocco DiBenedetto, cofounder of **COOL and **HEAT, and operations manager at All Star Home Services in Miami, discusses how the **COOL/**HEAT call system

Rocco DiBenedetto
Rocco DiBenedetto

can benefit contractors, and shares some managerial tips. Posted on March 7.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about **COOL and **HEAT?

A: **COOL and **HEAT are essentially phone numbers, not to replace, but complement any 7-10 digit phone numbers a company may have. We’re spending money marketing our businesses and people are pulling money out of the Yellow Pages. If we watch the trend of Google — five years ago what you were paying for a click is a quarter of what you are paying for a click today. We were looking for a way to pull away from the crowd, and we came up with **COOL and **HEAT as a way to lock a business’s contact info into someone’s mind so they didn’t have to turn to Google or the Yellow Pages. **COOL and **HEAT are easily committed to memory.

Q: How’s the response been?

A: The response has been good. The content recognition has been limited, but Starbucks is on board, NASCAR just rolled out **NASCAR, there’s **NFL, and the more recognition for the concept, the more recognition we’ll have. We’ve been offering **COOL since February 2013, and the response has been decent. But like any new concept or business, it takes a little time to catch on and for people to understand what’s available.

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Rocco DiBenedetto
Cofounder of **COOL and **HEAT/operations manager, All Star Home Services, Miami

Publication date: 5/5/2014

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