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Jodi Peter
Jodi Peter

Jodi Peter, coach, Nexstar Network, shares pointers on how to run and plan a productive staff meeting. Posted on Dec. 20.

Q: How often should a contractor be meeting with his staff, and who should he be meeting with?

A: We can all run the risk of death by meetings, hosting not enough meetings, or holding meetings that don’t make a difference. I encourage my contractors to meet with their leadership team twice a week. One of those meetings should be just the owner and department managers. This is a scheduled meeting where that manager reports department activities to keep the owner in touch of the day-to-day operations. This allows an owner to share what they expect without micromanaging a manager. I actually have some forms that I use for a variety of different manager positions and encourage them to use them with their teams. They can use them as an agenda for their one-on-one sessions to ensure these meetings have a purpose. The second meeting is a leadership meeting to discuss skill development, celebrate successes, communicate key weekly items, and perhaps discuss action items to overcome business challenges.

Q: How long should meetings last?

A: One-hour meetings are likely best. They should never extend more than 90 minutes, because people tend to shut down and they lose their effectiveness. Two one-hour meetings are much more effective than a two-hour meeting..

Jodi Peter
Coach, Nexstar Network

Publication date: 2/3/2014 

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