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Joe Crisara
Joe Crisara
Joe Crisara, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service contractor “sales coach”, shares HVAC-specific marketing and sales tips designed to help contractors succeed in today’s business environment.

Q: Can you provide us with one or two marketing trends contractors should be aware of?

A: Targeted pay-per-click seems to be working very well right now. Targeted pay-per-click is great for the HVAC industry because it can be managed so that each campaign can be changed to fit a certain season. Maintenance calls, hot weather, air quality, and home energy solutions can be changed throughout different parts of the year. For each of those campaigns, contractors need to host a new landing page, so that visitors aren’t redirected back to the original website. A landing page needs to match up with what the marketing click is telling you it will do.

Q: What is your take on Yellow Pages advertising?

A: One of the biggest lies is that you just need to get your name out there and everything else will take care of itself. In marketing today, results mean everything. If you aren’t getting a return on your investment, then you need to stop doing it. This is true with the Yellow Pages. If that advertising works in your market, you may have a significant advantage to gain as others drop out. If it is declining, then get rid of it or scale it down to a simple listing.

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Publication date: 4/15/2013