A Run-Time Meter for HVACR Units

I read Mike Murphy’s column on tires [“Murphy’s Law: Contractor Quality Is What Matters, May 31]. I think HVACR equipment manufacturers should install hour meters on their products, like a car has an odometer. When the end user receives the product, an owner’s manual should be included informing the end user of the various minimum maintenances to be performed by a qualified licensed contractor required to be paid by them at the different hours logged, just like a new car and mileage from a dealer.

You would not believe how many people purchase a piece of equipment and figure the first one or two years they should have no service bills for it! They should understand the more hours on a unit of run time, [same as miles on a car] the more service, work, and costs involved, even brand new. People understand this with miles on a car, but not with our industry, especially commercial.

We, contractors, are well aware of this as we see it every day. It would help with reducing warranty claims.

The bottom line is we need to educate who we sell to because no one else does.

Scott Tripp
Mechanical Systems Technology Inc.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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Publication date:06/28/2010