Keeping on top of today’s ever-changing technology can be a challenge, one that HVAC distributors, in particular, can find overwhelming. There are numerous technology options that can change the way the HVAC industry does business. Here are three tips to ensure HVAC distributors meet evolving tech challenges head on.


1. Get The Facts.

HVAC distribution companies are realizing the importance of making data-driven decisions. Their focus has shifted to implementing integrated software that can direct shipments, produce dynamic sales reporting, contract pricing and increase warehouse productivity altogether. Companies can now use analytics to determine the best steps for maximizing profitability. For companies who move in this direction, their systems can provide real-time information across departments in a timely manner, enabling distributors to make effective business decisions. Having real-time analytics accessible to distributors can increase the amount of information provided to all areas of their organizations. Whether in the warehouse or on the road, you can now get the facts needed with no wait necessary.


2. Get Personal.

Mobile applications will make HVAC maintenance more efficient and service more personal. With continued product innovation and improved processes, the HVAC maintenance industry will enjoy some exciting new gains in unit efficiency and preventative maintenance. Mobile applications are helping contractors improve these precautionary maintenance programs by increasing their ability to hone in on customers’ specialized maintenance needs. Because most of the work occurs in the field, and because mobile applications can pinpoint exact repairs, the HVAC industry will be able to use these technologies to maintain and repair systems more cost effectively.


3. Get In The Cloud. 

According to Aberdeen Group, cloud implementations can streamline collaboration for both wholesalers and distributors. In industries such as HVAC with widely distributed employees and plant locations, data must be shared across multiple locations to guarantee that demand and product shipment are completed on time. Cloud implementation will help organizations scale efficiently while driving more sales and increasing the companies ROI. The same Aberdeen report found those with cloud solutions saw a 17-percent improvement in complete and on-time shipments as a result of their cloud-based ERP.


The future is promising for the HVAC Industry. Embracing technologies such as mobile solutions, analytics reporting and cloud implementation can increase productivity and improve customer service. Today’s technology provides companies with a more efficient way to manage businesses while enabling stronger return on investment. However, in this technology-driven 21st century, let’s not forget about the hands that truly get the job done. … the employees themselves. They, too, will benefit from new tech that makes their jobs easier.