HARDI’s Marketing & Sales Focus Conference is quickly approaching. Whether you’re directly involved in your company’s marketing and sales efforts or you simply have a vested interest in those departments functioning at a high level, we recommend you meet us in Charleston for this conference. There are so many reasons to make sure you’re there, but here are five great ones:


1. The Content. We’re bringing in nine expert presenters to help you elevate your game. Marketing and sales teams will benefit from combined sessions on social media and how to remain competitive against online giants. You’ll also benefit from targeted sessions as well. On the marketing side we’ll be talking about maximizing ROI of co-op dollars, SEO, and building the online customer experience. On the sales side we’ll be dealing with maximizing your personal efficiency, becoming your customers’ primary supplier and leveraging financing options to boost your sales. Our hope is that you’re able to take what you learn and use it to boost your revenue.

2. Interdepartmental Integration. That’s a fancy way of saying: Get your marketing and sales teams on the same page. Our sessions will help your sales and marketing teams better integrate their strategies, working toward common goals instead of independently of each other or, worse, at odds with one another.

3. The Town. With so much to do and subtropical weather, it’s no wonder Charleston was voted the number one city in America four years in a row. For foodies, they have the unique low country cuisine -- a blend of southern cooking and seafood. For history buffs, you can take a trip out to Fort Sumter. Or you can just take in the local culture at Old City Market.

4. The Connections. In between sessions you’ll be shaking a lot of hands and making valuable business connections. Maybe it will lead to a sale. Maybe it’s a future coworker. Either way, expanding your professional network will grow the possibilities on your horizon.

5. The Deal. Attending this conference checks off one more box on your way to getting a huge Annual Conference discount. Remember, when your company sends someone to each Focus Conference, you get $400 off one of your Annual Conference registrations.


 So there you have it. Five reasons to join us in Charleston for the Marketing & Sales Focus Conference. If you need more info or want to register, reach out to me!