Stimulation, now in progress. Not sure about any of you, but I don’t think any stimulus checks are coming my way.

Instead of sending all that dough to people who will likely spend it to gas up the corporate jet for a little holiday in Bali, why not let regular ol’ people have some relief? Oh wait…

They did that.

Seems the former $500 Government Energy Credit (credit, NOT deduction) has ballooned into $1,500 for homeowners. We had written a letter that pulled $1.2m (for one contractor) on the $500 program, then it went across the United States. I can only hope the tripling of the benefit will help.

This, boys and girls, is exciting. Contractors, your “selling” has just become easier, your “value building” and then dropping the price has just become more dramatic. Your upsells just became free, or nearly so.

Think of you selling your homeowner at full sticker, and then saying, “Oh, and I can slash $1500 off that right now” and while their eyes are still bugged out, “and we can apply any or all of it to this”. I see hope. How ‘bout you?