Don’t you just love Memorial Day?

Memorial Day always launches the gas price spiral that continues through Independence Day.

A couple of weeks ago I was dreaming about sitting out by the cement pond with Ellie Mae to start the three-day weekend. Then, reality set in. It was raining.

So, I got out the honey “do” list and fired up the Honda Civic. On the way back from the general store, I noticed a bright orange light glaring quite menacingly from the instrument panel.

Ah! Bessie was hungry. I swerved into the local Speedway for a mocha frappucino thing and a donut. Bessie wasn’t the only one who was famished.

I then proceeded to part with (for the first time) more than $50 of my own money to fill up my little gas miser.

I had played chicken with the pump many times while filling up the wife’s Ford Explorer - I could never bring myself to go over that threshold of $50 - but, today, I had no choice in the matter.

Do the math. Multiply a 13.5 gallon tank by the $4.11 price at the pump.

Magically, on July 5, things begin to settle down. I’m sure that by then, prices will have nestled back down to $3.999 per gallon, and all will be forgiven.

I recently interviewed a bunch of commercial contractors. One of the questions I asked them, was how many vehicles did they have in their fleet, and whether or not they were considering hybrid vehicle purchases.