How is your company managing its Twitteraccount? Do you interact with customers regularly by answering their questions and providing valuable feedback? Do you participate in recent Twitter trends, such as hashtags and TBT (throwback Thursday)?

If not, it is little things like these that can make your business stand out in the crowded waters of the HVAC industry. Try tweeting out links to worthwhile HVAC information and analysis that you find on the Web, or share humorous jokes or YouTubeclips that relate to the HVAC industry. It doesn’t take a full-time social media manager to show your customers that your company is personable, friendly, and easy to approach.

In today’s social media/mobile-centric climate, prospective customers’ first impressions of your business may come from the Twitter feed they see as they start browsing their choices. Do you want to be the company with a barren wasteland of a page, showcasing little more than a link to your website?  Or do you want to be the company that provides daily tips on proper HVAC installation, pictures of your workers on the job, and testimonials from satisfied customers?

The choice seems simple and it can go a long way towards making the right first impression with potential customers.

There are even third-party sites, such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite,that allow you to schedule multiple posts ahead of time, monitor specific keywords that are being used by others, and quickly interact with users who mention you. This type of ease of access frees you from the shackles of scrolling through an endless Twitter feed for hours on end.

So, do not be afraid of Twitter or consider it something that should be avoided. Instead, embrace it, and see the effects it can have on your business.