Home Depot, Lowes, Sears — they’ve all done it. Blurring the lines between consumer and contractor, these stores have taken their turns offering heating and cooling products to the masses.

Now a new product dealer is stepping into the HVAC ring and moving past the boundaries of window units and fans. Electronics and appliance dealer Best Buy started offering thermostats and other home energy management items online and in stores. Hunter, Honeywell, Trane, and Venstar made the cut with their smart thermostats. A company called Goal Zero is also listed and they are bringing solar panels to the retail energy management game. These products are finding a home nestled between shower timers, eco-friendly outlets, controls, and more.

But wait, isn’t installing these items the HVACR technician’s job? What are you going to do when Best Buy out-prices you, or worse, your customers begin installing their own energy management and don’t want to pay you to do it anymore? Is there reason to be concerned? Are you concerned?

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