Jobs are still hard to find in many regions of the nation, but according to, “enrollment at for-profit schools - a category that includes most trade schools - has jumped dramatically during the recession, to nearly 1.8 million students from about 365,000 in the last several years.” CNN picked this fact up from the Government Accountability Office that was investigating how much money for-profit schools charged as compared to public schools and how much those private schools promised graduates would make. Some of the results could be considered on the verge of scandalous, but what was more interesting was that according to multiple interviewees, many of the trades are virtually recession and outsource proof.

New construction, or the lack of it, may have put a damper on the new install HVAC sector, but many maintenance and repair technicians seem to have more work than they know what do with it. Think about it. If the a/c goes out in an office building, or there is no heat in the winter, it has to be fixed. As for outsourcing, you can’t send the building overseas to have it repaired. The job must be done and it must be done onsite. Sounds like job security to me.