Being one of the 20 million people who participated in the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, I am happy to report that I will not join with the 500 million worldwide participants on the 40th Anniversary. Happy because I will instead be readying for a trip to Chicago to visit about 45 of my best chiller buddies. The Chiller Services Group (CSG) meets twice a year in mass to compare notes, exchange ideas, and plot a masterful takeover of all service work for chillers. So far, the group has not taken possession of all service work, but they are good people, and I am sure they will make it happen.

But, back to Earth Day. When I was an eighth grade student, the thought of getting out of school for two hours to fill two garbage bags seemed a wonderful way to enjoy some sunshine. Little did I know that I would be part of something that has grown to become so popular. Usually, no one ever wants to follow my lead with regard to picking up anything. My daughters won’t pick up their clothes in their room, won’t pick up the phone when I call them, and won’t pick up after the dog - a rather large dog that leaves rather large presents throughout the yard.

In a perfect world, for my Earth Day, someone else would pick up all the stuff - especially the large dog presents in the yard - and someone would do something even more lasting than a one-day grandstanding show of gathering garbage.

That’s why I think the CSG is really a nice group of people, and, it is rather fitting that they are meeting on Earth Day. They are hell-bent on keeping chillers tuned up and clean. A nice way to save energy, and a nice way to celebrate Earth Day, especially if we can find a way to check out the Cavs NBA playoff game against the Bulls.