There are many reasons there could be some strange noises coming from an old air conditioner. It could be loose hardware, a refrigerant problem, or a family pet getting a chill.

According to an article in theBrisbane Times, it was that last option as the sounds were from a cat that was stuck inside the air conditioner. I must say, that is one cool cat. Sorry, had to do it.

According to the story, it was a very old Air-Con air conditioning unit built in the 1970s that the cat got caught up in, so due to the age of the unit, it definitely is not the “Catillac” of a/c systems these days. The owner of the air conditioner had heard strange scratching noises coming from the unit but made the assumption that it was rats. Sounds like the owner has a lovely place.

Workers guesstimated the cat had been in the cool for at least five days and it had burns to her ears and legs. I don’t believe a “cat scan” was needed for this diagnosis. The people who rescued this feline have no idea how the cat got into the air conditioner. Here is guessing it is not a mistake the cat will make twice, or that any of her friends will become copycats.

The unit had to be ripped from the wall for the rescue. However, after that, it did not take the much “purrsuasion” to get the cat out. (I apologize again.)

And the name of the cat - wait for it: Daikin. Could a gig as a company mascot be in her future?