I don’t know what your Monday’s are usually like, but today is mop-up day for me because Tuesday is going to be spent seeking recognition as the best Novelty Float in the Cleveland St. Paddy’s Day Parade, one of the top five Saint Patrick Day parades in the country. No one knows what Wednesday will bring, so I’m getting as much done today as I can.

Which brings to mind procrastination. We all fall victim to the “I’ll do it tomorrow syndrome” upon occasion. Lucky for me (luck of the Irish, you know) that I started working on the rebuild of a tandem Schwinn bicycle last summer. I had been threatening to get in the Cleveland parade for years, but kept putting off the chore of tearing down and rebuilding the circa 1964 rusted beast in the garage that was going to enable me to make a credible case to the parade committee. They don’t let just any drunk wannabe Irishman in the parade, don’t you know.

Now, a svelte, speedy, green charmer of a bike awaits its first ride down Superior Avenue amid the cheers of thousands of Irish revelers. My buddy and I will be sandwiched between Miss Teen Ohio and Raphael’s School of Beauty. I don’t know what those two groups will be doing, but they will be doing it next to the two happiest guys in the parade!

I, of course, will be the one holding up the HVAC recruitment sign. My buddy will probably need a ride home.