I get some of my strangest inspirations from odd places.

The other day I opened up my sock drawer and saw several orphan socks. I can only assume that the secret “sock chute” in my clothes drawer has several of the mates permanently tucked away.

But it got me thinking that maybe I could make a project out of reuniting the socks if I really made the effort to search my drawers and the area around the clothes dryer.

Not that I have a lot of time to do that - maybe I can hire a sock sorter.

Do you have time to sort socks, er, sort your inventory?

I bet the thought has crossed your mind during some of the slow times of the year. Rather than reduce payroll or lay people off, why not ask them to become sock sorters? I bet there are lots of parts, supplies, and equipment that have been overlooked over the years and could easily go into the “write-off” pile.

Think of that old stuff that you could donate, sell (if someone would want it), or recycle (and get a tax break).

Also, think about how much cleaner and neater your shop would look or how much one or two employees might appreciate the same paycheck as if you were really busy.

And while you’re at it, maybe you can find some of those socks I am missing. I have visited with hundreds of contractors. I’m sure one or two might have fallen out of my suitcase.

I am especially fond of the black one with the vertical tan stripes. You can keep the Santa sock.

In advance, thanks.