Don’t laugh, there are lots of other fantasy games besides sports. I have to admit, I have a couple of fantasy football teams, but I am anything but a geek. I don’t pay for mine.

But with so much interest in fantasy-anything, what’s to stop people from playing FantasyHVAC®?

Notice the registration mark but don’t take it seriously. It might be fun to play the game using keywords that appear in the annals of this publication.

Here is how it would work: In the “fantasy year” (Oct. 1, 2008 to Sept. 30, 2009), we could keep score of how many times certain words or phrases appear inThe NEWS, i.e., green, commissioning, R-22, mold, and coils.

We would exclude “HVAC” and refrigeration since they appear in almost every article.

I would need your help in choosing the top 10 words and phrases to include in the fantasy game. E-mail me your thoughts.

Using the search function at our Website ( you can keep track of the number of touchdowns your quarterback throws, err, number of times your fantasy HVAC word or phrase appears. I promise not to include words like “sex” too often in any of my articles, thus there is no need to choose that word. But you can offer me bribes.

The winner will receive $1 million dollars* (see disclaimer) or something very nice. C’mon, let the trash talking begin.

*Disclaimer: I was not drinking when I wrote this blog yet I am not responsible for anything I said. I am not sure who in their right mind would pay the winner $1 million.