U.S. Airways recently announced, beginning May 5, it is going to charge $25 for a second checked bag. “We’re making these changes to offset record fuel prices and rising airline-related expenses,” the airline stated in a release. “With this policy change, we’re able to give you the choice to avoid the fee and pack fewer items. With fewer bags to process, we save both money and fuel and can pass that savings on to you.”

Funny, but the airline is blaming the high cost of fuel, but, in truth, it just wants passengers to travel with less crap. Bring more and it will simply cost you. Airlines continue to find ways to screw…err…get more of our money, but justifying each change (or so they believe). They charge $20 (or more) for issuing a paper ticket. If you want to fly standby, it will cost $50. Some charge $100 on standby travel with a nonrefundable ticket.

And, to think, many contractors struggle over the idea of adding a fuel surcharge. Maybe contractors should charge $20 for shoe covers. A tech can come in a home with or without them. It’s up to the customer.

That said, there has to be more legitimate charges a contractor can justify in passing along. Let me know. I’d like to collect these ideas and present in a future editorial. All I know is this: When the airlines begin charging to go to the restroom - or for toilet paper - while in flight, we are all in trouble.