A new website has been developed to “level the playing field” for small businesses in the areas of purchasing, financing, and shipping. The website,www.equalfooting.com, was developed by EqualFooting.com to offer business solutions for small manufacturing and construction businesses that want to compete with larger companies.

The website offers suppliers, lenders, and shippers access to a market of small manufacturing and construction “ready-to-buy” customers, and “live” RFQs from companies around the nation. Their services are free to buyers, and suppliers pay a small commission on sales made through EqualFooting.com. There are no membership charges, sign-up fees, or costs.

“The Internet is dramatically changing the construction, building, and equipment industries, making it easier for large companies to reach the highly fragmented small business market and enabling small businesses to obtain competitively priced goods and services,” said EqualFooting.com’s Susan Strawbridge.